My personal pain and experience compels me to share with you a simple, scientific and sustainable way to Lose Weight fast and Optimize your Health using cellular hydration.

-John Jubilee

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Dr. Ron Derr

Dr. Ron Derr is a leading orthopedic surgeon who is a practicing owner of one of the worlds leading surgery centers. 

"In 1998 after doing John's program I went to my 30 year high school reunion at my high school weight"

Dr. Sean Silvernagle

Dr. Sean Silvernagle is a world renowned pathologist who after experiencing his first 4 weeks of transformation signed up his wife and 3 children to also have the same life changing experience. Dr. Silvernagle said "I had greater results in 12 weeks on this program than 2 years of doing P90X"

Dr. Victor Beck

Dr. Victor Beck experienced first hand how life changing this program is after years of frustration with his own health trying many things that never worked. When asked if he thought the program was simple and sustainable her replied...

"This program is distressingly simple"

What Is this breakthrough science the United Nations demanded to know ?

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** Energized health offers a money back refund for those who complete the program as designed for the entire period totaling 102 days in the areas of activity, meal plan, and hydration and watching the daily videos each day, and does not: lose fat or gain hydration, or gain muscle or experience measurable improvement in a medical condition that has pre submitted medical documentation prior to beginning the Transformation Experience Protocol.

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