You are designed to be mostly water!

Every diabetic and high blood pressure patient is dehydrated. 

Drinking may not hydrate you at all.


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John Jubilee Transformation Experience

John Jubilee is the Inventor and Developer of John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ Experience. The Jubilee Formulas™ are simple and the answer for your transformation needs. So, “What diet works?” The answer, they all do...for a while. You can and will lose weight on any diet. But the goal is to not just lose weight but to lose fat. Our Transformation program will take off the fat and build your body’s true genetic blueprint of muscle. Your genetic blueprint is the optimum amount of muscle programmed into your genes if you ate and trained with excellence. Our Transformation Experience also teaches how to maintain and keep your health. That’s why we don’t call it a diet; we call it Transformation.

Tranformation Experience

The Transformation program is the most comprehensive and successful optimal health and wellness program available today. Most major diseases are a direct result of unhealthy cells. The Transformation Experience is designed to improve health and wellness by rebuilding healthy, hydrated cell. No restrictive diets, no painful exercise, and no need to go to the gym unless you choose to. Sound too good to be some of our Testimonials.

Guaranteed Success

The John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ Experience is 100% guaranteed to work. YOUR SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED! This powerful program has never failed one man or woman of any size, shape or age - as long as they followed the program 100%. Participants must commit to the program as outlined 100% in order to qualify for a money back guarantee. Any deviation from the program will alter your personal results.

"Major changes in my life have occurred. Within 4 months, I went from 330 lbs. to 225 lbs, from a 52 inch waist to a 38. I haven’t used a cane for months now, and I went from 50 yards, to ¼ of a mile, to walking 5 miles."
- Michael Summar

"I actually lost 68 pounds of fat and 15 inches, while gaining 25 lbs. of muscle and water. I got down into the 180s."
- Jeff Riddleton

"My total inches lost for the whole 88 days was 29, and I lost 44.7 pounds of fat. I was a size 12 when I started."
- Dana Riddleton

"“In a nutshell: 4th of July…..started July 7th After the 2 week launch I lost 20 lbs of fat & gained 8 lbs of healthy hydration. On August 30 after only 29 days, I lost 33 lbs of fat & gained 11 lbs of healthy hydration as well as gained 4.6 lbs of muscle!! Needless to say , this program works & I am very happy with the results! Thank you John Jubilee!”"

Elizabeth Innis

""I have had amazing result with John Jubilee’s Program! I have truly been Transformed. I have lost even more since this picture was taken & I feel strong and healthy. I am in my 60’s and have never lost weight this easily even when I was much younger. I never feel deprived on this program.""

Gail Griggs

""Was 309, 84lbs fat lost! Transforming! 10lbs muscle gained! 20 lbs healthy hydration! 9 inches smaller waist!!""

Jonathan Byrd

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