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Get 88 Daily Videos delivered straight to your inbox, every single day for 88 days.

Health tips, testimonials and much, much more!

Get the full 10 transformation technologies.

Get the physical copy book mailed.

Get the digital version of the ebook of the John Jubilee Health Transformation Plan.

Get access to a weekly Q & A webinar from John Jubilee.

Get added to the private "client only" Facebook page where John posts videos, messages, live videos, etc.

Get an affiliate link so you can start advertising the product and make 20% from who you refer.

Get weekly customer service and personal coaching to help when you have problems or get stuck.

Get a bio-impedance scale, and a John Jubilee Transformation t-shirt when you finish 88 day program.

Get access to business cards made to help promote the program.

Get John as your personal coach, with FULL access to John via cell daily.

Get John's personal cell number you can text or call when you have questions.

Complete medical assessment.

Comprehensive blood panels and assessments.

State of the art bionetics scan.

Bionetics laser treatments as needed.

Weekend visit of John in your home for secret strategic communication, cooking, and exercise training.

Frequency technology and bio feedback assessment and treatment.

John's priceless blueprint for multifaceted diamond success in every area of life.

Includes sessions with John's and colleague, Dr. Doug Weiss, internationally renowned psychologist, best selling author, who has written over 40 books, and has appeared on all major television networks!

YOUR SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED! The John Jubilee 88-Day Transformation™ Experience is 100% guaranteed to work. This powerful program has never failed one man or woman of any size, shape or age - as long as they followed the program 100%.

Participants must commit to the program as outlined 100% in order to qualify for a money back guarantee. Any deviation from the program will alter your personal results.


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